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     Lolly in the Land Of Loud People   
    Wednesday, June 06 2007 @ 08:27 AM
    Contributed by:
    Views: 4975

    In a far away place, there lived a young girl with short brown tousled curly hair. Her big bright eyes shined like two sliver gleaming moonbeams. She was proudly named Lolly.

    She lived in a small village called the Land of the Loud People. Everyone in her village spoke in very loud thunderous bellowing sounds. Except for young Lolly. Try as she may, she just could not speak in those loud bellowing sounds.

    Her classmates would bully her each and every day for having a small voice. This made Lolly very sad. Even the grown-ups found it difficult to hear her light, whispering voice. With each passing day, Lolly became more and more upset as she tried to speak loud like those around her. It seemed to Lolly that no one in the village seemed to hear her words. Deep down, Lolly hoped that there would to be someone, somewhere, who could be able to help her.

    Each day, she would ask her mother, “ Mother, why is my voice so soft”? Her mother just shook her head slowly and replied,” Lolly, you are a special little girl. We all love you so much. It doesn’t matter to us that your voice is not as loud as everyone else’s is. Her mother continued, “ Sweet Lolly, you should not worry about such things. “

    One night before bedtime, her mother told her a fantastic tale. It was a wondrous story about a Great Forest where wise and magical beings live. Lolly asked her mother, “Where is this great place you speak of ”?
    Her mother was amused,” I have heard that the Great Forest is far, far beyond our village. I myself have never been there.”
    Lolly continued, “ Do you think it is possible to walk to this place”?
    Her mother replied, “Well, I guess anything is possible, if you believe.”

    While her mother continued the story, Lolly secretly came up with a grand plan of her own. She decided that she would make her way to the Great Forest early the very next morning. Lolly was certain that the wise beings living there would help her find an answer to her big problem.

    Early that next morning, Lolly quietly made her way downstairs and packed a small lunch for her journey. She was so excited to go on her first real adventure. After leaving a note telling her parents of her plan on the table. She looked behind at the table as she quietly closed the front door. Lolly began to walking beyond her home and village to the Great Forest.

    As the day wore on, it seemed like she had been walking a very long way. The sun was now high in the sky. She could no longer see her village in the distance. Lolly decided to rest along the winding path to eat her lunch. She found a small clearing near the shaded trees and thought it would be a perfect place to enjoy her afternoon lunch. As she started to unwrap her neatly packed sandwich and fruit. Lolly wondered how far she would have to travel to find these magical beings.

    As she continued to unwrap her sandwich, she spotted an odd-looking lizard, which was making his way down the winding path. Lolly first noticed the bright colored clothes that this strange lizard was wearing. He was strolling down the path in a bright red vest, with silk green short pants with gold stripes woven in. He wore a bright rainbow colored ribbon neatly tied around his neck. He was happily humming a beautiful tune into the afternoon breeze, while he strolled down the winding path.

    He was very different and much larger than any lizard Lolly had ever seen before. He stood about four feet tall, almost as tall as her. Neither his size nor his unusual clothes frighten Lolly.

    Lolly jumped up to introduce herself. “ A good morning to you! My name is Lolly”.
    This unusually dressed lizard paused for a moment on the path. With a friendly grin he replied,” Well, a good day to you too, Miss Lolly. What brings you to the Great Forest on this fine day?”
    Lolly was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had already had made her way to the Great Forest.
    Joyfully Lolly answered, “ I have come to the Great Forest to find an answer to my problem.” “A problem you say?” replied the colorfully dressed lizard.
    He walked towards her slowly.
    With a gleeful reply, “Why yes! I have heard that there are wise beings who live here in the Great Forest.”
    Lolly waved her small hand in a sweeping gesture, to offer the unusual lizard to join her.
    In her soft voice she asked,“ Would you like to share my lunch with me?”
    “Well, if you are offering for me to partake in your lovely afternoon lunch, then it would be only proper that I introduce myself,” replied the lizard. The lizard bowed from his waist. “ Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leonard, the King of all the Lizards.”

    Surprised Lolly replied,” Wow, A King! “ If you are truly a King, why do you not wear a gold crown?”
    Leonard smiled by Lolly’s remark. He paused for a moment before speaking, “ Do you believe that a crown makes a King?”
    Lolly said, “ Well, of course! It makes them special”
    Leonard responded ” Hmmm, interesting Miss Lolly, that you think a gold crown makes a king special.”
    Leonard continued, “What truly makes a king is his honor and courage to stand for all others”. Surely, a gold crown upon his head does not make a king, my dear.”
    Lolly said, “ Ok, if you are truly a king of the Lizards, does that mean that you also have magical powers?”
    Leonard stopped himself from smiling at such a request.
    Leonard replied, “Why, indeed would you need magic?”

    Lolly began to tell Leonard her sad story about her voice being too low in her village of Loud People. Leonard listened carefully to Lolly as she told her tearful story. He thought a moment before he spoke, “You speak of a Land of Loud People? I am most certain I have not heard of such a place before. Your voice is special it sets you apart. Why do you want to be sound like everyone else? Do you believe that, magic will make your voice like theirs?”
    Lolly stated loudly,” Why, yes I believe that will do the trick!”

    Leonard could see this young girl was determined. Leonard rubbed his shiny green tinted chin lightly before he spoke again,” Maybe, I can assist you, Lolly. What you need is a desire to have your special voice be heard. So, when you return to your village, your lovely words will be heard by everyone”.

    She stood up firmly stomped down her foot hard upon the ground. Lolly cried out, as loud as she could, “NO! King Leonard that will not work for me”! I need something MORE POWERFUL than a simple desire! I want to sound like everyone else in my village!”
    “Hmmm, something more powerful” replied Leonard.

    In one quick move Leonard pull three shiny bright golden coins from his side pocket. He handed them to Lolly saying,” If your wish is to be heard in your village then carry these three magic coins with you. They are very special magical coins, they will make your wish come true.”
    Lolly didn’t hesitated taking the golden coins from her newfound friend. She thanked Leonard for his help. While they ate their lunch, Leonard told Lolly of his kingdom and the wonders of Nature. After finishing their lovely lunch she packed up her things. Lolly gave Leonard a big friendly wave as she skipped happily back towards her village. While she skipped she sang a little happy song out loud,

    “I once met a wonderful lizard who was a King,
    He danced around and gave me three magic coins. Telling me I could sing
    Today is the day, I will show you all,
    What a joy my mighty voice will bring”.

    Lolly giggled to herself at the funny song she made up to sing on her way home. Before she knew it, she found herself back in the Town Square where many of the village people were roaming about. In her excitement, Lolly had forgotten about the village’s Festival of Lights. A tall slender woman standing nearby heard Lolly singing her song.
    “What a lovely and special voice you have”, said the woman.
    Even though, Lolly’s voice wasn’t loud or bellowing like those in her village.

    Surprised Lolly realized that all the people around could hear her voice clearly. The crowd gathered around to listen to Lolly’s speaking.

    She was trilled to tell them all about her wondrous adventure to the Great Forest.
    In the Great Forest, she met a fancy King lizard who gave her three magic golden coins. As she told them of her adventure, she reached into her pocket to show them the shiny magic coins. As she reaches into her pockets there were no magic coins! All her pockets held were some small tuffs of lint!

    Lolly was terribly afraid that her voice would disappear.
    She cried, “ Oh NO, I have lost the magic coins on my way back home!”
    Big tears welded up in her eyes as the tears fell down her upon her face.
    In that moment, Leonard appeared magically in front of Lolly.

    Leonard leaned down and whispered softly into her ear,” Dear friend, shed no tears”.
    “You have lost nothing. It was not the golden coins that made your voice be heard. The real magic has been there in your heart, all along. You did not have to travel far to find your way. You only have to believe in yourself and let it shine through.”

    With a snap of his fingers, the three golden coins reappeared in King Leonard’s webbed hand. Lolly was not very happy with Leonard for tricking her about the magic coins.

    Leonard had taught her a most valuable lesson on this day. That being different is a wonderful thing to be.
    With a little twinkle in his eye, King Leonard said, “My dear, Always remember that what makes you special, is truly a gift, to be shared with the world”. Then as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone in a flash.

    Written by: L. J. Moody

    Thank you L. J. Moody for this contribution, what a great story. From Admin

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