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12" Pioneer Globe by Replogle Globes Inc - Childrens Books Monday, June 18 2018 @ 09:00 AM 
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     12" Pioneer Globe by Replogle Globes Inc   
    Tuesday, May 04 2004 @ 07:01 AM
    Contributed by: admin
    Views: 1867

    8 Years & Older
    This 12-inch political, raised-relief globe is a beautiful addition to any classroom or home, and is perfect for the young scholar or geography buff. The globe has a numbered meridian, and tilts and spins for easy location of countries, oceans, and other geographical features. It is mounted on gold, die-cast metal. The political borders are colorfully marked, and the oceans are well detailed to include temperature and current flow.

    Buy 12" Pioneer Globe by Replogle Globes Inc

    Replogle will provide updates, making the Pioneer Globe ideal for students working on social studies or geography projects. But it is handsome enough to be a treasured item at home as well. --Heather Hawkins, mother of 2-year-old Duncan, is a 10-year veteran teacher of the arts and a professional actor and director.

    From the Manufacturer
    This 12", Political globe with a Gyro-matic mounting is one of our most popular models. The mounting swings up and down to bring all areas into closer view while the map areas display vivid colors making political boundaries easily distinguishable. The globe illustrates thousands of place names and mountains are in full raised-relief.

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