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    Thursday, April 22 2004 @ 11:03 AM
    Contributed by: SHERYL500
    Views: 2801

    It was a beautiful but cool Friday morning in the month of September in the little town of Caveville, USA. Caveville Elementary school had just begun and the first day, as usual, was very frightening for the first grade class.

    Mrs. Brown Bear, the first grade teacher, was an older, but very sweet person and very understanding toward her classroom of nervous little bears. She knew that the room was full of little bears who did not know one another, however, being the smart lady bear teacher that she was, she had made plans for all of her students to do something special together. What she had planned would make the little bears feel good and glad that they had come to school.

    First Mrs. Brown Bear wrote down each of her student‚??s names on separate sheets of paper. Then she folded the sheets of paper and put each one in a basket. Once she was finished placing the folded paper in the basket she began to pass the basket around. Each student was to take one piece of paper from the basket and place it on his or her desk without opening it up.

    Mrs. Brown Bear had finished passing around the basket and then returned to her desk. She explained to the class, "The name that is on the piece of paper that you have on your desk will be the person that you will meet this morning and sit next to. Also, the name that is on their paper, that person will sit next to you as well and there should be others that will be next to you, depending on who‚??s name is on each of their papers. Soon, you will be sitting in a group and you begin to make friends with one another. I will be giving you most of the day to talk with one another and tell one another about yourself and your families. I will come around to your desks and help you to read the name on your paper, if you cannot read it yourself."Soon the classroom was becoming loud with laughter and the little bear students were becoming more comfortable with being in school.

    Mrs. Brown Bear was now starting to go to every desk in the classroom to help each little bear read the name on his or her slip of paper. Buttons was a very shy little bear when he was around other little bears that he did not know. Deep down inside, he did not know how the others would treat him once they found out that his mother and father had gotten a divorce, and now he had a stepfather.

    Mrs. Brown Bear knew about Buttons family and noticed that he was looking very worried when she walked up to his desk. Once she had guessed at the reason that Buttons was looking so worried she asked all the little bears in her class for their attention so she could explain something important. She goes on to say, "I am sure that there are some of you here in this room who have mothers and stepfather, or fathers and stepmothers. Some of you live with only one parent and then there are those of you who have both of your parents. I would like for you to know that this world is made up of all kinds of families and there is nothing wrong with it. What is more important is who you are and what you are, that is what really matters. I would like for each of you to respect one another regardless of who have both parents, or who have a stepparent in their home. Continue on now with what you were doing." With this, Buttons seemed to relax a little more and was not so fearful about whomever he would meet as his special friends that day.

    Buttons was dressed neatly in his dark red shorts with his matching suspenders against his aqua blue shirt. His dark red hat that he usually wore now hung in the coat closet off the classroom. Mrs. Brown Bear had asked him to hang it in the coat closet when he first came to class and he did just that, however, he did not understand just why he had to do it.He quietly asked her while he was hanging the hat up and she replied, "Over the years, it has been a show of respect for a man to remove his hat when he goes into a church building, a restaurant, a school and most homes and buildings. However, in today‚??s world there are men and boys who don‚??t remove their hats but there are still those that do show respect."After Mrs. Brown Bear explained this to Buttons she reached down to see what name was written on his slip of paper. She told Buttons that his new friend‚??s name was Lacey. Lacey was also a shy little bear, but she was always happy, full of life and laughter. Her thick black eyelashes had caught Button‚??s attention that morning and he was so happy that she was going to be his friend. Her bright red heart shaped nose and lips caused Buttons to think she looked like a toy doll. Lacey‚??s outfit included a dark red dress with lots of ruffles and lace and a hat to match. All the bright colors looked so good against her light pink fur however, he did notice that she was still wearing her hat.

    Buttons left Lacey for a moment to ask Mrs. Brown Bear about Lacey and the other girls wearing their hats. Mrs. Brown Bear explained, "It has always been acceptable for women to wear head covering in buildings because of religious reasons spoken of in the bible. However, in the world today, most consider it a fashion statement as well. Many women and girls have hairdo‚??s that would get messed up if they were constantly removing their hats. You will need to talk to your parents for more information about this if you want to know more about it."

    With the answer that Mrs. Brown Bear gave to him, Buttons started to walk away after telling her "Thank You". Then he stopped for a moment to say, "My sister, Shawna, is always looking in the mirror and combing her hair, maybe I should tell her that she needs to wear a hat and leave it on so she won‚??t have to comb her hair so much." With these words spoken by Buttons, Mrs. Brown Bear laughed, thinking what he said was cute.

    As Buttons started walking back to Lacey‚??s desk he noticed that she had a big smile on her face. She told him that she had looked at her piece of paper and because she was able to read, she found out that the name written on it was his name. They both laughed outloud and thought it was great. Because they both had one another‚??s names, it was just the two of them in their particular group.As they were talking, Lacey noticed how polite Buttons was and how neatly he was dressed. He had been taught all his life that being neatly dressed has much to do with how a person feels about themselves and others. This is what is known as "self-respect" You think well of yourself and you want to let others know that you think well of them too by not causing them to be uncomfortable while you are with them.

    Dressing neatly and being clean keeps others from possibly making fun of you and it also keeps them from talking about you in a bad way to others. Buttons was also taught that dressing neatly would help him get a job one-day, especially since he wanted so much to be a businessman when he grows up. People who hire others will always judge you by the way you present yourself.

    As Buttons and Lacey continued to chat with one another, they both realized that the both of them owned very special pets. These pets were known as "Balblitzes". The Balblitz pet was shipped to the USA from "The Land Of Blitz". This was a country far away so the animals were very rare and not many people bears owned them there in Caveville, USA.

    The two of them became very excited with the knowledge that they shared a common interest. Buttons told Lacey that his pet was named "Blueberie" and Lacey told him that her pet was named "Pinkerie". Each of them had owned their pet for quite a long while so both of the pets had already learned the language of their owners. Both of them agreed that it was almost like having a best friend living with them all the time because the pets could talk so well.Most of the day had passed while the little bears in the classroom had seated themselves around their new friends and had talked non-stop. Mrs. Brown Bear could not help but be glad that she had thought of the idea to pass around names on paper to help the little bears feel more comfortable. She wanted them to look forward to coming to school that following Monday.

    Right before it was time for the little bears to leave class for the day, Mrs. Brown Bear told her class to be quite while she explained some important instructions for them to know. She went on to say, "When you come to school Monday after having fun this weekend, I would like for you to remember some important instructions. Remember boys that you need to hang your hats in the coat closet before you sit at your desks.When any of you speak to me, remember to say Mrs. Brown Bear. When the principle comes in the classroom, remember to call him Mr. Cary Bear. When you speak to an adult, it is important that you address them as Mr. or Mrs. When you do this, it will show that you are in respect of the adult who has lived a longer life than yourself and has learned many things that you still have to learn yourself. I want to also remind you that this is a school and you are here to learn many new things. To do this we have to insist that you remain quiet unless you are told to speak or ask a question. You will have recess periods during the day and a lunch period, which you will use to play and talk to your new friends.
    I will look forward to seeing you again Monday and I know that in this year you will learn to spell, write, read, and also learn many good manners." With this Mrs. Brown Bear told her student bears that they were dismissed. Laughter filled the room as they left one at a time out the front door. Buttons and Lacey were together the whole day and now had to say their good-byes, however, the both of them had made plans to meet one another at the school that next day. There was a very large playground there and the both of them thought that it would be a fun place to meet and bring their pet Balblitzes. They also thought that they would be alone and would be able to talk more and not be interrupted. With this thought of a fun tomorrow, Buttons and Lacey said good-bye and each went their separate way towards their homes. What neither of them knew was that all day long while the little bears in the classroom were laughing and talking, each one of them had made plans just like Buttons and Lacey. The plans included meeting at the playground there at school. It looks like now, Buttons and Lacey and their pets will not be alone as they had thought they would be.

    End Of Storybook #1
    Storybook #2
    Playground Plans For Buttons And Lacey And Their Pet Balblitzes.

    Writter: Sheryl Hale Black

    Sheryl Hale Black
    P.O.Box 1262
    Emory, Texas 75440

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